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You have arrived at Evemor Window Shades, America's premier site for picture shades, blinds, murals, photo shades, etc.  We will be pleased to help create custom window picture /photo shades, blinds, murals, etc. with your favorite photos imprinted on your room window shades. We strive for perfection and offer competitive pricing. For high quality photo shades you have reached America's leading source. Enjoy your window shades like never before. We realize that in order to be "A shade better", we must make your experience a happy and successful one. This is interior decorating at its very best.

What can exceed having your cherished photos on window shades to look at time and time again. Create your own window shade masterpiece in your home today. Perhaps a favorite dog, type of bird, vacation place, sports team or athlete, favorite scene, religious/spiritual /faith moments, etc. mounted on your room photo /picture shade. We have also worked with several various religious worship venues such as churches, mosques, temples, synagogues  where photo shades have greatly enhanced the religious experience. We can do the same for you with your help of course.

The neat thing about photo shades is that individuals can enjoy them forever. Bring to life precious memories or future dreams to your home interior. On a cold winter day roll down your summer photo shade image or maybe a picture shade with the feel and sights of the impending spring.  Call Norman today at 413-534-6338 or 413-386-3523  or contact us on our contact page.

 Norm will be pleased to work with you and your picture window shade treatment needs. 


We are currently offering reduced price seasonal specials. View your favorite digital images such as the ocean in one room or a country scene in another room. Custom window treatment with your own choice of a photo window shade or blind. We also enjoy furnishing Disney characters for kids rooms.  We have many customers that have designed their childs room around beautiful Evemor photo shades. Begin your window treatment today.Your favorite places in the world mounted on your blinds or shades with your own precious digital images. That favorite vacation spot, beach, sports team, country setting, girlfriend, car, actress, actor, event, etc. We will work with you to customize  your choice of photo shades or blinds, all within your budget. We also offer a wide variety of shade or blind mounting materials to choose from, again depending on your preference or budget. We provide leading edge professional digital photography so your shades and blinds will be beautifully shown as well as functional. You will not only capture your favorite photo or scene on your window photo shade, but the superb digital image quality will be state of the art and  provide real life photos on your window shades and blinds. Utilizing your photos and designs, we will furnish a  photo shade or blind that will always be a shade better than the rest.  Supply to us what you desire for a photo shade and leave the rest to us. This is our promise to you. We strive to make our customers not only satisfied , but part of the designing of their own custom window shades. All this for the best quality and affordable pricing.

Beautiful custom window shades or blinds all within your budget. We are just a phone call away to discuss your custom shade needs. Bring your favorite scenes to life now!!!! This beautiful concept is sweeping America. What do you have to lose as we offer free estimates with low competitive pricing. We trust you will enjoy visiting our site and perhaps we can discuss a custom design photo shade or photo blind for you soon. Start your own interior window shade decorating project today with an Evemor photo shade.

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